Installation Guidelines

Installation Guidelines

Whether you are self installing or using an installer please use the below list of pre-installation guidelines as a checklist to ensure your machine installation is trouble free and operational for production as quickly as possible. 

Please ask us prior to installation day if you have any concerns or queries.




Clean and clear access to the installation site is essential.

Personnel are to be present on site and are responsible for positioning the machine/machines at the selected location.

Provide a Forklift and/or unloading and positioning equipment and facilities.

Ensure Electrical & Air connections are available (prior to delivery).

415V 3 phase machines rated below 10amps come with approximately 2 metres of cable and are supplied with a plug.

If an electrician is required to fit or change a plug/cable or wire up the machine on site then this is at the customer’s expense.

The pneumatic connection supplied is normally ¼” BSP female thread.

You will need to have the necessary air fitting to suit your air supply.

 Manuals are included with machines and instructions for Conveyor and Length stop kits are included. Please refer to as needed.





If you are self installing and are experience difficulties please contact us and we can either talk you through the issue or arrange a technician to visit you onsite. Service fees will apply.